The Bush Administration’s Motive for Orchestrating 9/11

This is a very, very thorough piece by a Professor of Theology… He’s really done his homework and provided over 150 footnote references in his article:


Olbermann Calls the Bush Administration on Their Warmongering

take a listen (VIDEO FIXED):

Establishing al-Ru’yah and a Narration from a Tabi’i

Recently, an issue was raised about the issue of al-Ru’yah, the belief that the believers shall see their Lord in the Hereafter. It was mentioned that one of the Followers (Tābi`īn) rejected al-Ru’yah. What follows is a brief clarification of this issue. Continue reading

This is How You Become an Imam of the Muslims!!

The following passage is from the introduction of Imām al-Nawawī to his juristic masterpiece, al-Majmū’: Continue reading

Brief Introduction to Muwatta’ Malik

Praise be to Allaah.

This is a brief introduction of the book entitled Muwatta’ al-Imam Maalik; we ask Allaah to benefit us thereby. Continue reading

Hadith Resources

I have added a page at the top entitled Hadith Resources as well as the links on the side panel. Please refer to it for more.

Al-Mustadrak of al-Hâkim and al-Dhahabî’s Talkhîs

The following two articles are taken from The first is a question answered by Dr. Hatim al-Awni, a well-known, specialized scholar of Hadith who teaches at Umm al-Quraa University in Makkah. The second is taken from Dr. Bashshâr `Awwâd Ma`rûf’s introduction to his critical edition of Jami’ at-Tirmidhi. He is another leading, well-known scholar of Hadith. Both of these shed considerable light on al-Hakim’s Mustadrak as well as al-Dhahabi’s Talkhis which is a summary of al-Mustadrak: Continue reading