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The Bush Administration’s Motive for Orchestrating 9/11

This is a very, very thorough piece by a Professor of Theology… He’s really done his homework and provided over 150 footnote references in his article:


Olbermann Calls the Bush Administration on Their Warmongering

take a listen (VIDEO FIXED):

My New Header

You may have noticed I changed the appearance of the site and I stuck in a custom header… it is taken from a scan of a map which i had found online:


On the full map, you can see alot of places clearly delineated. You can see Baghdad, Kufah, al-Basrah, ar-Rayy (the city from which Abu Hatim and Abu Zur’ah hailed, in fact anyone called ar-Razi), Qazwin (the city of ibn Majah), Sijistan (Abu Dawud), Qandahar, the Indus River, and other famous locations.

Mr. Bush, Welcome to the World League of Despots

This is rather humorous. It’s written by Terry Jones of the Monty Pythons as an invitation letter to George Bush from the Secretary of the “World League of Despots”:

A Splendid Achievement

Technical Note

If anyone is having trouble with the formatting on some of my posts, try opening them with Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. For some reason, they show up fine on Firefox, but not on IE. I had not been using IE and so did not realize until now. Firefox is much better anyways so if you haven’t made the switch, it would be a good idea.

Nice Quote

I just liked this quote:

As the brilliant humanist Sir Peter Ustinov so succinctly put it, “Terrorism is the war of the poor, and war is the terrorism of the rich.”


I’m new at this, but in sha Allah, my intention is simply to share articles and materials people might find beneficial.